1. flyartproductions:

    Le Irreplaceable

    George Barbier, Le Soir (1924) / Irreplaceable, Beyonce

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  2. generalhowe:

    Jeff Koons/ Surprised Patrick Vanity Fair

    For Cmonstah’s eternal gratefulness 


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  4. MFACA Alumni Music Viseo



    Check out this new music video with visuals and direction from three MFACA alumni; Tatiana McCabe, Stephanie Andreou and Jenni Yang.

  5. hyperallergic:

    In Their Own Words: Forest Houses Residents Consider the Gramsci Monument

    Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument at Forest Houses (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)


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  7. momatalks:

    Check out this NPR radio segment about MoMA’s recently opened Soundings, with an interview with Barbara London, curator of the exhibition. Come to MoMA to check out this show, on now through November 3. 

    Also get ready to visit MoMA Studio: Sound in Space, opening October 3 in the Education and Research building mezzanine. This program is free and open to all ages. We hope to see you here soon!

  8. buzzfeed:

    If you eat like Charlie Kelly, you have a big problem. 

  9. jaysonscottmusson:

    The most succinct thing I’ve ever read about grad school.

  10. Pretty pictures from Saturday’s performance :)